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Marking and Measuring
Marking and Measuring Accurate, reliable measuring is essential in modelmaking and other precision engineering projects. Our range of miniature measuring equipment will give you all the accuracy you need.
Pliers & Cutters
Pliers & Cutters Cutting, holding, squeezing and nipping. Whatever your purpose, our range of pliers and cutters will stand up to the job. Pliers are useful pulling, bending and gripping tools suitable for a wide variety of materials including wires, components etc.
Precision Hammers & Pin Punches
Precision Hammers & Pin Punches Often traditional household or DIY hammers are just too big and cumbersome when used in modelmaking and other crafts. Our range of precision hammers and pin punch tools are ideally suited to these smaller, more accurate jobs.
Files & Abraders
Files & Abraders A range of files and abraders for use on metal, wood, plastics and other materials.
Workholding & Clamping
Workholding & Clamping A range of clamps and other workholding products ideal for clamping and holding small workpieces when gluing, shaping or for those times when you just need an extra hand.
Probes & Carvers
Probes & Carvers Wax carvers and probes are used by dental technicians and jewellers for carving, shaping and forming models prior to casting. Also useful for a variety of modelling tasks.
Tweezers A comprehensive range of quality, precision tweezers including reverse action tweezers, magnifying tweezers and an all-purpose precision pick-up tool.
Broach Sets
Broach Sets Traditionally used by watch and clockmakers, broaches are now used my model railway enthusiasts as well as many other model makers and are ideal for gently enlarging or sizing holes.
Drills, Reamers & Pin Vices
Drills, Reamers & Pin Vices Pin chucks, archimedes drill stocks and other related accessories are just some of the precision tools contained within this section.
Saws, Knives & Cutters
Saws, Knives & Cutters A range of precision cutting tools and cutting mats suitable for a myriad of applications including industrial, arts, crafts and light DIY.
Online Catalogue > Hobby Tools > Hobby Tools - Hand

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